While international migration (“Exit”) and mass-protest (“Voice”) have increasingly been at the forefront of global attention, academic analyses of these events have lacked coordination. Yet, we may expect these two phenomena to be highly interdependent: for example, it has been argued that the decrease in migration opportunities towards Europe was an important catalyzing factor behind the ‘Arab Spring’ (Fargues 2011). Having identified a gap in current research, we seek to investigate in a more systematic way the dynamic relationship between migration (exit) and protest (voice). This question will be addressed via an inter-disciplinary and mixed methods approach. We will supplement cross national quantitative analysis (focusing on Central and Eastern Europe in comparative perspective with global trends) with two case studies of Romanian and Ukrainian protest participants, which we understand to be two critical cases of migrant and non-migrant protest participation, in an EU member and a EU neighbourhood CEE country. Thus the design of this project will help capture and account for: regional trends, provide language and field work based in depth insight, and allow to elucidate the within region diversity of post-communist democratization (as related to migration and protest) in both EU and non-member states.


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